a little orange

There were five concrete pots to be painted, four of a similar size and one smaller one. I decided to paint the smaller concrete pot, orange.

plant pot before oh noes

Oh noes.

plant pot oh noes

H said that we could fix the broken pot with Liquid Nails or something similar. I was reluctant to make the attempt, as this was a project where I wanted to use or reuse what we had, i.e. keep new purchases to a minimum. But having already bought a $6 pot of paint, I went and got a Bostik product called Zero Nails, for $1.97 to give it a go.

The cartridge was duly loaded into the extrusion gun, and H jumped into action. First he stuck the pieces that had come loose from the Violet pot. We found that Zero Nails was too thick to extrude well, so much so, that the force bulged the cartridge. Also, it very quickly formed a skin. We read that the product is only good within 12 months of manufacture, but there is only a batch number on the cartridge, not a date. With nothing to lose, we fixed the pieces on another pot first.

application of zero nails

Application of Zero Nails with extrusion gun.

Spreading the Zero Nails.

Spreading the adhesive with our fingers.

I tried to spread the adhesive while wearing latex gloves, but they just tore against the pull of the adhesive and roughness of the concrete. I resorted to using the rolled up glove as a spreader. H continued to use his fingers.

Putting the pieces in place.

Both of us got more than a bit sticky with the Zero Nails, so there are no action shots of gluing the other pot. But you get the general idea. H said the adhesive was not liquid enough for spreading, and too thick to squeeze in or out of the gaps enough to be confident of it sticking well.

After sticking the two halves together.

You can see along the seam on the bottom of the pot that the adhesive was squeezed out a little (and wiped off) after thumping with the rubber mallet. Note: I only just noticed when uploading the photograph the advertisement “Need A Tradesman?” on the local paper that we put down to protect the brick paving 🙂

I had put a bit of Hi Chroma Red into the sample pot of Hi Chroma Yellow to make what I thought was a bright orange.

Orange garden plant pot.

Orange pot planted with Perpetual Spinach (Beta Vulgaris) seedlings.

I think it is more gold than bright. I think mixing colours is quite an art, and something that I would like to play with some more at another time. At least the texture of the rough concrete is a lot like an orange.


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