pole planting

Little did I know, that the 15mm (~ 9.5 inches) pole in a discarded plant pot would grow in it’s first year of planting out into a 2300mm (~ 7.5 feet) tree with leaves the size of elephant ears. Thank goodness I expected it to thrive on neglect like most things that I “plant to see whether they will grow”, as I have read if it was fertilised it may have been a lot taller.

At the rate that it was growing, I decided that I better identify the tree, but I was already thinking that it was not suitable for our small suburban garden. Also, it had suckered and there was another tree growing very close to a limestone wall.

We managed to identify the tree by remembering where it had come from, and Googling for trees with big leaves. It had come from a shadehouse owned by someone that was known to collect unusual plants, but was also experimenting with different plantation trees and growing flowers.

Knowing that my Dad had Paulownia trees, I asked whether he would like another one. Fortunately, he said yes and that he will come and get it in the Autumn.

The tree is still growing, although its leaves are starting to look as if they are turning. I expect the best time to move it will be when it looks like a pole again. So while it has been Autumn for only a few weeks, I will be frequently checking to see when the leaves are dropping/dropped off. Except, I can still see buds forming. Either for new branches, or leaves?

It’s going to be a trailer job, and fortunately the tree is light in comparison to other trees grown for their wood.


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