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I have written before about my image file clutter from the digital camera.

When Akkana’s article about a fast image viewer appeared on LinuxChix Live, Pho sounded just like what I needed.

Pho allows you to quickly move backwards and forwards through a large number of images. As you view the images, you can delete (includes a verification dialogue), rotate the view, and best of all, annotate (0 thru 9) to create ten different lists.

In my case, I preferred ‘Presentation mode’ (centered on a full-screen black background) and I deleted bad images as I went. Any images that I was not sure about or required substantial editing I assigned ‘2’, maybes were assigned ‘1’, and ‘0’ was assigned to those images that I could use on the web straight away (after scaling).

Akkana’s documentation is excellent (man page and online). I had downloaded, installed the deb package (HOWTO: Use dpkg to Install .deb Files), and was running Pho within minutes.

Pho standard output to a text file

I usually upload photographs from the digital camera into a new directory (often topically named). I navigate to the directory and I use the following command to run Pho:

pho -p *.jpg > filename.txt

*.jpg so that I can view all the new shots from the camera, and filename is usually of the form YYMMDD.txt. I have only played with Pho for a morning, but I will definitely be using it for future batches of photographs.

Also, today I read an extract from HR Geiger‘s FAQ in an article posted by loic on Planet UCC. It was part of a response (a small part) to an aspiring artist:

Keep only one photo of every ten you take. Delete the rest. It will force you to learn how to edit the garbage from your life, to make choices, to recognize what has real value and what is superficial.

— Leslie Barany

I was sort of doing this anyway, but not because I am an aspiring artist. For some reason the digital camera that I’m using chews through batteries. Everytime I use the camera I have to put in freshly charged batteries and quickly snap off lots and lots of shots before the batteries run out.

Pho is definitely going to speed things up for me once I get the photographs onto the computer. It is much faster than GQview for sorting through images.

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