rays of light

This picture postcard is the fifth in the series from my Agilent Technologies note book, and I’m going to send it to my brother. It is his birthday on Thursday, and while I will probably send him a Jacquie Lawson birthday greeting e-card, the postcard via snail mail will most likely reach him first.

Ahmad Helmi Mokhtar (photographer) calls his picture of Lake Berryessa, Nappa, California, ‘Rays of Light’.

Rays of Light

What I saw in the picture that made me think of brother is the green and fencing. Although, where brother used to work in the South-West of Western Australia, the fences were often painted white because they were keeping race horses in addition to the milking cows. But this was a long time ago. And I’m sure brother is no longer counting birthdays 🙂


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