got the t-shirt

MAKE shirt

I get the MAKE and H got the t-shirt 🙂 When my subscription started last year, part of the gift was a t-shirt for the giver.

H said that re-use re-cycle re-make sounds like him, so I’m pleased that I persisted in obtaining the t-shirt.

My MAKE magazines only arrived after the subscription team were alerted to the fact that I had inadvertently changed my subscription to digital only. Not sure how I managed that, as I while I dive into the digital version as soon as it is available, I definitely want the paper version in my post box.

Also, the subscription team promptly followed up the wayward t-shirt in a helpful and friendly manner. It is refreshing to have a real person to talk to when online orders go awry. MAKE is definitely an organisation that I feel comfortable shopping with on the internet. That is, knowing if I do have a query that a real person will read my email and respond appropriately.

I’ve renewed my MAKE subscription, and since ordered and received the MAKE Controller. Now it’s onto a bit of hardware therapy.


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