uni week 04

Science Communication Strategies lecture this week covered consultancy reports and market research. Sounds boring, but because the subject matter is all about effectively communicating science, the hours whizzed by.

Our tutorial or exercises included planning an evaluation for the Kanyana Wildlife Education programme, and designing a questionnaire to conduct market research into public perceptions that might affect acceptance of using magnetic nano-particles to treat detached retinas. Sometimes, when the science is so interesting it was difficult to focus on the exercise.

We also got the handout for our next assignment, i.e. to design a basic market research project to assess public attitudes for a product with ingredient(s) produced by nanotechnology that is used in or on the human body. Background reading includes material on the UWA Centre for Strategic Nano-fabrication web site, and Albrecht, M.A., Evans, C.W., & Raston, C.L. 2006, ‘Green chemistry and the health implications of nanoparticles’, Green Chemistry, [Online], vol. 8, pp. 417-432. Available from: Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd. [23 March 2007].

Mostly, I have spent this week gathering, collating and beginning to draft the report for my first assignment, a case study evaluation of a science communication project. As you may be aware, I chose Project Numbat. The most difficult part has been not getting bogged down in simply describing the project, but critically evaluating their science communication. The presentation of my report is scheduled for next Friday, with the two copies of the bound written report due the week after. I think I better get busier on this assignment before I start getting distracted reading about nanotechnology.


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