can’t argue with that

Dried chillies in the market

Dad’s U Beaut Chilli Sauce – if you say so.

With an abundance of HOT chilli pepper in the garden I decided to go looking for recipes for a sweet chilli sauce. Relatively recently we have been using this sauce on chicken burgers. I have prepared the burgers ahead of time and individually froze them ready, usually for cooking at lunch times. The sauce I got from the supermarket was more sweet than chilli.

I have some chilli sauce in the fridge at the moment – left over from making said Chicken Burgers. The recipe is in the Medibank Private Member Services area which is hidden from public view.

Sharing recipes ? The old way used to be copying them out by hand or photocopying to pass them on. The other way I learnt about particular dishes was from friends, neighbours and my Mam and Dad when they allowed me to ‘help’. Although sometimes, the bit of this and bit of that, or the use of a particular spoon was part of the ‘secret’.

I wanted to share with you the recipe for Curried Fish out of my Mexican Cooking book. But the usual notice is in the front of the book. The same with Stephanie Alexander‘s The Cook’s Companion. Note: At the time of writing I was cooking the bolognese sauce from this book.

Copyright notices in cook books seem to be at odds with how we might share recipes these days. For example, the last time I cooked Chicken Paella and the recipe was not on the Mt Barker Free Range Chicken web site, but only in their brochure (that I got from the butcher), I typed it into an email and sent it.

I really wish there was more emphasis on the sharing than the the copyright. If you pick up any recipe book, most cook authors will say where they originally obtained the recipe. They did not start from scratch!

When I was assisting people to learn how to use the computer with Computer Angels, I used The Open Source Cookbook: Fuel for Geeks to assist me to explain OSS licenses. It would be really neat if celebrity cooks or even authors of cook books were to adopt a similar license. Then we would be more freely using the recipes for good food. And like my experience with BookCrossing, you tend to buy more books, even though you have a great opportunity to read a book for free.

I will be making Dad’s U Beaut Chilli Sauce as soon as the fourteen (yes, I’ve counted them) green chilli peppers turn red. Fortunately, this chilli sauce recipe is on the internet.

Also, I subscribe to the newsletter from The Grocer, and they mentioned Firehorse in their Spring/Summer 2006 newsletter. So have note to self to visit them soon. Other gourmet items on my list for this shopping expedition include balsamic vinegar and saffron.


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