a penguin and a fish to see you

numbat pin

Well actually, a numbat. Myrmecobius fasciatus to be exact. Western Australia’s fauna emblem.

Although the Perth Zoo currently lists the numbat’s IUCN status as Vulnerable, IUCN has the numbat listed as Endangered – same as the panda. There are only 1500 individuals estimated to be in the wild.

Numbats are threatened by loss of habitat through land clearing, fire and predation by feral predators including foxes and cats.

— Perth Zoo

According to WWF-Australia, global warming is a contributor to the numbat facing extinction.

The Western Australia’s Environment Minister, Mark McGowan, announcing the release of the A 100-year Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for Western Australia: Blueprint to the Bicentenary in 2029 draft strategy said that the central theme was to “raise public awareness of, and involvement in, biodiversity issues”.

Enter Robert Penguin and Sophie Minnow, in The BioDaVersity Code.

The BioDaVersity Code

Robert Penguin and Sophie Minnow solve the murder of the polar bear, and introduce you to the secret priory of species.

Note: My Flash, may not be so flash as I think I was missing some of the component parts of the characters and scenes. But the dialogue holds the main plot together. I have not read Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code (could not get into it), or seen the film. There may be nuances in The BioDaVersity Code that I miss.

But back to the numbat.

Project Numbat had an informational stall at Envirofest 2007, where I caught up with Edwin and Rosemary whom I had not seen for a year or so. Although, I noticed today that they are featured on the home page of the Perth Zoo promoting the Docents.

Through partnerships with the Numbat Recovery Team, Perth Zoo, Department of Environment and Conservation, WWF Threatened Species Network and the Malleefowl Preservation Group, Project Numbat aims to promote and assist Numbat Recovery Program objectives including:

  • habitat management
  • population monitoring
  • feral predator control
  • education and awareness programs
  • fundraising for numbat conservation.

If you are hoping to see a numbat or two, then head down to the Dryandra Woodland, two hours from Perth. Or check out the DEC‘s Volunteer Projects.

People worry about changing the flag, but I don’t know how you go about removing an officially proclaimed fauna emblem. Hopefully, there will be enough people who care so that this does not happen. Or, is it ok to have extinct fauna as part of the state identity?


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