light’s on

MAKE Controller USB connected

Yay, my MAKE Controller arrived – yesterday. Only now have I been able to pull it out of its box.

Strange as it may seem, the reading that I have done with regard to setup, downloading what I need, and connecting to my computer via USB, reminds me of strawberries and cointreau. To my feeble protestations, the front-of-house person (in a French resturant that unfortunately no longer exists) was pouring what appeared to be most of the bottle of cointreau on my strawberries. She said it would “put hairs on my chest”. No hairy chests as yet, but this is what I sometimes feel when I come to do things on my Linux box.

Windows and OS X Makers just download mchelper, run it, and off they go.

Linux Makers like me, have to compile the mchelper source with Qt. So off I look for versions of Qt and whether there is a Debian Sarge package. Oh noes. Never mind all the other development tools that I need to get together, before I can simply run mchelper.

I haven’t got a spare ethernet port yet, to talk to it, but I thought I might be able to ping it knowing the default network settings. Except the IP address of our Gateway is not the default on the MAKE Controller. You need mchelper to change the IP addresses. Grrr.

I could just plug my MAKE Controller in, and see if the LED comes on.

Perhaps I’ll do that, as for now I’ll have to fall back, regroup, and think on the firmware and tools required.

Just get the light on will be a start.

MAKE Controller Power

Yes. Power.


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