I didn’t see it on the Freeway Bike Hike. Thousands of bikes, and it would have been difficult to spot the same or similar bikes in any one view.

This picture postcard is the third in the series from my Agilent Technologies note book, and I’m going to send it to my Dad. Dad does not get onto the computer much, preferring to be outside in the garden. Currently, he walks the dogs for exercise, but has sometimes mentioned getting a bike.

Bikes in Osaka

Yau Mun Yip of Hong Kong, says of his photograph, “I was in Osaka recently for a short break and saw how neatly the bicycles were arranged in public …”.

We were in Japan in 1994, and although we saw people riding bikes, we never saw them parked like this. What we did see, were very small garages for cars that sometimes included a platform so that two cars could fit in the space. Also, they were often mosaic tiled, which I thought was pretty fancy for a garage.

I think the driving test in Japan must include how to park your car in the smallest space. The most difficult part of my driving test was demonstrating that you could do a three-point turn in a road, and it was difficult to find a narrow road in Newman, Western Australia. But thank goodness I got to do it in the driving test examiner’s car, and not the mini I drove some years later. The turning circle of my mini was not one of its endearing qualities. Unlike its tight cornering 🙂

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