biked it

Freeway Bike Hike 2007

I did it. Along with 7010 others, we bicycled up the freeway. Approximately 6000 did the 30km, and 1000 did the 10km leg.

The UWA Team of 89 riders set off in Group C, a total of 2400 registered riders. Our team was soon dispersed, but some of us caught up at the UWA Sports van that had set up at the finish with fruit and drinks.

H planned to ride in Group B, but stayed with me as my buddy. I rode the 30km in the time that I planned, i.e. 90 minutes. Not speedy by any means, but it was my first ride of this length and with lots of riders. We arrived at the finish in Joondalup with me in very good shape. I could have made my legs wiggle a bit more, but I wanted to be sure and steady. I felt a huge sense of personal achievement making the finish.

If there is a next year, I want to do the Freeway Bike Hike, and then ride home using the bike paths. I wasn’t game to carry my bike down the stairs to the station platform, so crammed into the lift after first getting my front wheel stuck in the lift doors. And yes H, I know, if I had a lighter more appropriate bike this would not have happened.

I would like to thank the UWA BUG and UWA Sports for coordinating the UWA Team, but would especially like to thank the quiet encouragement of David and Harry, who said “you can do it”. And I did 🙂


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