Fiesta 2007

The City of South Perth Fiesta 2007 gets underway this afternoon at 5pm with the free Opening Concert. If you live in the City and or receive the Sourthern Gazette then you will have the programme (PDF).

I was unable to view the online programme as it is hidden away in a PDF file that either uses all sorts of bells and whistles that my poor Adobe Reader 5 under Linux cannot open, or there really is a problem with the file – “There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired.” Hiding the content in PDF files, i.e. additional mouse clicks away is stupid. Even the announcements and media releases in the News Headlines scrolling menu are PDFs.

The Opening Concert is the usual music (Wesley College Jazz Orchestra, Blue Celts, and Wendy Matthews), fireworks, and suggested picnic on Sir James Mitchell Park.

I just wish they would skip the fireworks. Find something more environmentally friendly to put the funds toward rather than lighting and smoking up the sky.

Fireworks used to be special, something to anticipate and look forward to. But just about every event during summer has them now. Ho hum, more fireworks.


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