uni week 03

Phew! Three bike rides to uni in one week:

  1. UWA Bike Breakfast.
  2. Visit UWA Sports to collect Freeway Bike Hike team jersey.
  3. Science Communication Strategies lecture/tutorial sessions.

After the Bike Breakfast I went to collect my Freeway Bike Hike participant pack from UWA Sports. And, then off to The Co-op Bookshop to have a look at the recommended text for Science Communication Strategies. I thought that 36AUD was a bit much, so I thought to make this one of my first purchases from The Book Depository (£7.93, 19.4263AUD according to XE.com today).

Collecting our jerseys from UWA Sports was a little ho hum. The sizes that I had emailed through to the coordinator, had not reached the person allocating the jerseys. So rather than an M, I ended up with an L. So it is a bit loose, but then again I don’t like clingy clothing, and I won’t be wearing it with cycling pants, so it’s not a big deal. I guess, after the event, H will have two appropriately sized cycling jerseys. But I will be a loose member of the team on the day 🙂

I did not read ahead for this week’s Science Communication Strategies session, so did not know the topics and presenters until I got there. It was a nice surprise, for after Nancy presented the first two hours, the theory behind formative and summative evaluation of communication strategies, Greg Lawrence (guest presenter) from CRC LEME outlined his communication plan for the CRCA Conference 2007.

Essentially, we (for our second assignment) will be providing assistance in the Media Room and the running of the Innovation in Action Expo. In exchange, CRCA is providing us with lunches and invites to the Awards Dinner Ceremony. But better, when we are not rostered on, we can attend any of the speakers and activities. What more could a Science Communication student wish for except time off work and or study to attend.


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