shopping on the internet

I’ve been on a bit of a spree this week. I like getting parcels, which is probably the reason why I like shopping on the internet.

I dislike hate visiting real shops for anything other than books, and perhaps stationery. H now does the food and grocery shopping with me, so it minimises this activity. I used to use Electrolley, but they have been unavailable for a couple of months now.

The parts that I ordered from the BOM started to arrive yesterday, but delivery will probably be spread over the next two weeks. I am expecting parcels from Farnell, Digi-Key, and Entech, with a few coming direct from manufacturers and distributors. Unfortunately, Xilinx do not have an Online Store anymore (well, they do, but it re-directs you to their distributors), so any samples need to be ordered through Nu Horizons and Avnet. Which are both fine if you are ready to order trays or reels worth of components, but not if you want sample or prototype quantities.

My paper subscription to MAKE Magazine will continue, as I have just renewed my subscription for another year, and I have ordered a MAKE Controller Kit.

Just yesterday, I ordered the science communication and gardening books that I wanted from The Book Depository.

I have an account at Amazon, but having found The Book Depository, may use this less. And of course, I always check out any new bookplates and stationery that come into the BookCrossing Supply Store to make bookcrossing that more enjoyable.

I was sorely tempted by the flurry of orders by UCC members for the xkcd shirts. Especially the “Science. It Works. Bitches” and “Stand Back. I’m Going To Try Science.” T-shirts.

Lots of parcels expected containing stuff that I like. Yay.


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