get off my garden

I’ve Googled and asked in the YGG Pests & Problems forum. The citronella, cayenne pepper, paprika, white vinegar, and wasabi either don’t appear to work, or you need to keep applying them far more often than after noticing the @#$%^&* dog has pissed on our driveway, garden bed and verge — again.

So, we decided to spend money on a commercial product and ended up shopping at City Farmers. Interestingly, the dog repellants are listed on their Petcare for Dogs page. They have intriguing names such as; Stop, Scram, Skeddadle, Stay Off The Garden, and Get Off My Garden. They come in granules, sprays, powder, and gels.

We got the Get Off My Garden gel and Get Off My Garden spray. The active ingredient of the gel is Methyl Nonyl Ketone, and the spray’s active ingredient is aluminium ammonium sulphate. A lot of the products have familiar smells of citronella, eucalyptus, and ammonia. They were all pongy.

It is sometimes difficult to not be influenced by the labelling. The labels show a cat and dog holding their noses ;-p

Get Off My Garden

Label on the Get Off My Garden gel.

Nothing will happen until we apply the products to the affected areas. Then we cross our fingers and toes that the reason the dogs have not successfully been repelled before is not due to their lack or diminished sense of smell.

If these products are not successful, then I’ll be looking for ways to rub the owners’ nose in it and see if the dogs will do it again 🙂


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