thinking of you

I didn’t win first prize, an Agilent Handheld U1252A DMM, but I got a note book as a consolation prize. It is not an ordinary note book, but a promotional gift published by Agilent Technologies. I don’t mind the brochure type images and specifications of the test equipment in the front, as the note paper is interspersed with six pages of two-up postcards.

According to the back cover of the note book, the postcards were created from photographs “submitted by Agilent employees in 2005, and all were selected as monthly winners or named to the ‘honorable mention’ list”. The notebook is marked (c) Agilent Technologies, Inc 2006. I was unsuccessful at finding information online about the photo contests, but their web site does support the diversity of the company.

It is these postcards that got me thinking of you.

I decided to use the notebook for my Science Communication Strategies unit. There are twelve scheduled sessions where I may wish to make notes, so I decided that I would send a postcard to whomever I thought of during that week’s three hour class.

The postcard from Week 1 I am sending to my Mam who is currently in Ngalapita, which is south of the Fitzroy River in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. She is teaching Kindy to Year 3, and has 12 students if they all go to school. Photographs 1 to 6 on the DET web site show the drive that my Step-Dad does once a week. A 380 km, 6 hour, round trip to Fitzroy Crossing on Friday afternoon leaving at lunch time back at 6 pm.

I am sending Mam the postcard with a picture that the photographer describes as “a baby girl — she was at her stall, trying to sell her stuff.”

Peruvian girl child

I thought that the life of this Peruvian girl is just as remote to me as the children that Mam is teaching at Ngalapita Remote Community School. A community in my own country albeit 2000 kms away.

The second postcard (Week 2) I am sending to my sister in Koorda (237km from Perth). Sister is staying in Perth for a few days, having just been discharged from hospital. There are no facilities for surgery in Koorda, and the nearest hospital is 45km south at Wyalkatchem.

The picture is of the Colorado Balloon Classic, and the photographer has caught the reflection of the balloons in the lake.

Colarado Balloon Classic

I have been in a balloon over wheat fields, and I remembered the feeling of weightlessness and absolute freedom. The feeling that I hope Sister will attain once she is back into the swing of things in Koorda.

I would have liked to win my own ‘good’ meter, but I suppose I can borrow H’s if need be 🙂


6 thoughts on “thinking of you

  1. Hey, I’d forgotten about those ballooning photos being posted. The ground stripes was the $14M Northam Bypass Road being made. All finished for 5-ish years now so the trucks don’t have to rumble through town.

  2. And based on my experience of driving on it after Christmas 2006, I think I will leave it to the truckies and the tourists. Back to the old scenic route for me.

    Five years ago you say? We’re well overdue for another ballooning trip 🙂

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