I’m automatically a member of PSA, and I joined what I consider a few good clubs (Science Union, UCC, JAPSSOC, and UWA BUG) on O’Day this year. But, the UWA BUG membership card that I received by snail mail today has got to be the nicest.


I have already kitted up for this year with a new bicycle helmet, and two new tyres and tubes so probably will not be making use of the 15% discount offered at TBE Nedlands and Riders Choice that is proferred on the reverse of the membership card.

Ladybirds/ladybugs are my favourite. They are the good bugs of the garden. I’ve got some pictures of the ladybirds in my garden, but who knows when I will find the imgp####.jpg’s that are the ladybird pictures. Directories of .jpg files off the camera are worse than the numerous boxes and envelopes of photographs.

I like red back spiders too. The geraniums planted at the bottom of the wall and under this web are the most healthy as they got watered the most while I watched the spider come to drink.


I wanted to take a picture of her back, but she always came zipping down her web when water was sprayed on it, and I got a little nervous trying to juggle the hose pipe and the camera. And yes, I know that our wall needs repointing. H has sent me a link 🙂


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