book distribution and open source

Molyneux posted to the BookCrossing Australia list; “… often cheaper than Amazon! Even better – everything is FREE delivery to anywhere in the world!!!!!”

Sounded too good to be true. I went and had a look at The Book Depository to see if “anywhere in the world” included Western Australia. Yup. And according to their Delivery page, I am in the “Other Region” with a free standard delivery of 7-14 days.

I tried looking for a couple of books that I wanted to get, and found them easily using the title or author search:

Better than free delivery, the eTrading technology used by The Book Depository is being developed at The University of Bath and is part funded through the Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) — is open source software. See their About Us page and scroll right to the bottom to read the footnote about the EPSRC.

So you can have free as in beer and free as in libre all in one online book purchase.

Also, I like their aim of “All books available to All”, and republishing hard to find or out of print books to make available the “largest breadth of titles available in the world”.


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