bright and blue

H found some white acrylic undercoat in the shed. The lid took some loosening as it was rusted in place. We talked about why we had nearly a full 10 litre tin while ladling it out of the very rusty tin and stirring it into a bucket. Discussed, but did not resolve, to only get those materials that we needed for the current house renovation and maintenance, rather than thinking we will save money by purchasing in bulk. H had to continue stirring as it was like firm jelly. Also, I was keen to get a coat onto the second concrete pot, that was to become blue.

The undercoat was going on thicker than the Hi Chroma Red that I used for the first concrete pot. I was afraid I was going to lose the texture of the concrete. But it appears to have turned out ok.

The Hi Chroma Blue went on much more easily, and I can see that it is much brighter. I was going to leave it at one coat of blue, but this pot had more holes than the first one I painted. So I did a second coat to fill in the holes.

blue plant pot

Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)

I know it’s early for dividing and transplanting. But I wanted something to put in my new pot.

Brother suggested that I was going in for a Mexican theme, whereas H knows that I was inspired by the wall that Mam painted in the style of Piet Mondrian on a wall at Bayswater Primary School in her last year as Pre-Primary teacher there.


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