I’ve found them. I was tempted to knit this scarf. But decided that I better go and check out my UFOs before starting any new projects.

The UFOs (Unfinished Objects) are mostly in what we call the Green Room. That is, a room that is fully renovated, including the soft furnishings and fittings. Except, the Green Room is a library (contains eight bookshelves) and a store room for all our worldly goods that are not in use, or get in the way of renovating other parts of the house. The book shelves are the most accessible.

Decided that amongst the applique, quilts that only need borders, quilts that are half cut out, and fabric that was obviously purchased for a quilting project, that I better hold fire. Also, there is the latch hook rug (have yet to find the box of wool), and an old Singer sewing machine table that has been gloss power-coated but still has no top. Paper making frame that has never been used, a box of pastels that have been used once (I think), and a box of coloured pencils. I’m sure if I look further, there are other UFOs just waiting to be discovered.

Although I have not found them, I know my coin collection needs to move from a series of boxes, stamp collection to be rationalised, and photographs from umpteen years organised and placed into the already purchased empty photograph albums. Then there is the cross-stitch Christmas decorations and wall hangings somewhere, leadlight for the transom window (glass cut just needs leading up), and materials to create newly designed leadlight windows for the street-side of the house involving coloured glass.

I’ll begin to list my UFOs as soon as I can get the digital camera to recognise some charged batteries. I need to do this, either to decide to move the project along, or to make the decision to not complete it.

I do like the Binary scarf, but then I have never really got into knitting anything useful and it is rather warm in Perth, Western Australia. Besides, Brother could always knit better than me. Mmm, perhaps given sufficient notice he would like to make my birthday present this year 🙂


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