uni week 02

I still haven’t decided on a science communication project to evaluate for my first assignment. The current ones that I know of conduct their campaigns in mass media that do not reach me. For example TV, newspaper, or commercial radio.

We never buy the paper (tend to start at Google News), the clock radio is deliberately set to go off after the news and is usually ABC Classic FM or ABC Radio National. Radio stations at other times (often in the car) will be either ABC Radio National, triple j, RTRFM, and ABC NewsRadio. We don’t have a TV, as the small LCD one that we got last year for a previous assignment is back in its box in the spare room.

Also, most of the campaigns are health related, although the number of environmental programmes appears to be increasing.

I’m sort of tending towards ‘salinity’ or ‘eradication of the foxes and cats’ projects, if I can find enough publicly available information. Except, having our car boxed in by a heap of buses outside the Guild on Thursday night, and having the ‘opportunity’ to observe the behaviour of the hundreds of freshers get in and out of the buses having learnt that they cannot continue to drink alcohol on the bus, made me think of TAP. There is certainly a lot of material to evaluate the effectiveness of this science communication project.

Riding from home to uni was into a head wind (35-41 km/h) almost all the way. It is always a bad sign, when you can see the cormorants pointing their heads determinedly into the wind and spreading their wings out to dry. The flags are advertising the city at the moment. I was able to see this as they were completely unfurled, and apart from the gusts rippling the flags, it was a good day to observe the flags. The ride home was not quite a tail wind as the wind had moved around a bit (SW rather than SSW), but it better than a head wind. At least the temperature was reasonable, if not pleasant at 24 deg C when I set out.

The three hour lecture tutorial whizzed by today. It is very interesting thinking about attitudes and values, and whether we can use these to predict or change behaviour.

Not wanting to tackle the head wind again, we drove the car back to uni to go to the UCC Fresher’s Welcome. Not a fresher this year, but still feel awkward and fresh enough beginning my second year at uni.

During munching through pizza and sipping from H’s dispensed drink, Frenchie stood up and welcomed everyone to the evening, and introduced Zanchey. Zanchey then formally welcomed the Freshers, provided extra information about how to best get the use of the club room and enjoy the conviviality of its members.

Listened in but did not contribute to the mind boggling conversations about programming languages, algorithms, and operating systems. I understand enough to be fascinated, and captivated by the enthusiasm of the speakers when discussing the intimate details of particular functions and programming concepts.

There was one Fresher that was not fresh to me. We did not recognise a neighbour, as we saw him out of context. That is, at uni, rather than in our street 🙂


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