connecting point was discovered when I went looking for the UniSpeakers Club and Conversation Circles at LL&RS.

I’ve always associated nodes with Unix computers (inode) or networks. So when I came across the UWA N.O.D.E. (Networking Online to Diversify Engagement) Project, I was reminded of the more general use of the word node.

MyResearchSpace is available to UWA post-graduate research students, but at the moment, I prefer the fledgling because:

  1. The scope of the contributed content from staff and students promises to be broad and diverse.
  2. As a very part-time post-graduate student, it is a way to virtually get to know and participate in my university community.
  3. The underlying infrastructure, Drupal, is an open source or free software content management platform which to me, is part of the community spirit.

I became aware of Drupal through the Open Source Development and Documentation Project (OSDDP), Professional Writing at Purdue University. Here, the students and staff appear to work well and have fun using this online environment.

As a contributor to, I can call myself a ‘node’, as can any UWA student or staff member 🙂


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