with attitude

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I have established an Official BookCrossing Zone (OBCZ) at Pizza With Attitude. See the Australia > Western Australia > Kensington Go Hunting page.

Pizza With Attitude

Serendipity was certainly at work here. In January I went to ask the proprietor whether he would like to host an OBCZ. He was not there, but a BookCrossing book was sitting next to the till. I left mine, and took the one left there by another bookcrosser. I took this to be a sign that Pizza With Attitude was BookCrossing friendly 🙂

When I went back the next time (not difficult as they have the most delicious gourmet pizzas), I took with me my OBCZ sign and book holder full of books. Being a reader himself, Nigel was quite enthusiastic.

I have contacted Netstation, so hopefully Pizza With Attitude will be listed on The World Wide OBCZ Finder shortly.

If you visit the new OBCZ, be sure to try their dessert pizzas. Strawberries, bananas, almonds and chocolate sauce. Or, pears, marscapone cheese, and maple syrup. Yum.


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