freezing computer

It looks like we might get to the 42 deg C forecast for today. Outside, it is currently 41 deg C, according to the BOM. Fortunately, even without airconditioning this old house is still fairly cool (enough) inside.

However, noticing that my computer freezes when I’m manipulating images, I decided to see if I could replicate the exact steps to deliberately freeze my computer. And I mean ‘freeze’. No swapping to another screen, remote access, or ping across the network. Reboot.

How to freeze my computer:

  1. Thunderbird (version 1.0.2) and Firefox (version 1.0.4) applications running.
  2. Plug in digital camera (Pentax Optio S45) to computer (Debian Sarge) and switch on the camera.
  3. Display working directory in file manager (Xfce/Rox), and display images on camera in a different file manager window.
  4. Select images in “Other Media” file manager window and move (drag) to working directory file manager window.
  5. Close “Other Media” file manager window and turn off camera.
  6. Click on image icon in working directory to display image in image viewer (GQView 2.0.0).
  7. Rotate image so that it is up the right way.
  8. Choose “Edit in The GIMP” within the image viewer application to start The Gimp (2.2.6).
  9. Scale image and save the image file (Save As) in another directory.
  10. Exit The Gimp.
  11. Exit GQView.
  12. Computer freezes.

To isolate the “problem”, I think I will need to eliminate a step at a time and see if I can still replicate freezing my computer.

Freezing was common on my Windows computer, but if something ‘stopped’ on my Linux box I was always able to un-stoppy it, and it certainly did not keep me from using other applications and programmes. Oh well, something else to nut out. At least I know what not to do if I don’t want to freeze my Linux box.


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