One of my treasures is my Grandma’s autograph book. My Uncle D gave it to me the first time he and his family came to Australia to visit us.

autograph book cover

It has a burgundy coloured cover, and “AUTOGRAPHS” is embossed within a decoration. The inside cover reads:

With love to Sophia from Nellie xxx

autograph book inside cover

The earliest date accompanies the first entry, again signed by Nellie.

autograph book page 1

Tommy Tucker – Empire Westhartlepool 1927

Remember, Sophia. Parents are
like garden seeds you never
know their value until they
are under the soil

Yours for ever
your Pal,

Flicking through the pages, most of the entries appear to be from fellow dancers and players in pantomime and theatre. I will certainly look forward to researching the plots, theatres, and autographs.

I’m not sure how this part of my family history fits into GRAMPS, but I guess I’ll digitally archive it somehow.


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