picnic and laughter

We went to see the film Change of Address (Changement d’adresse) at the Somerville. We got there at 6pm, half an hour earlier than we planned as were going to ride our bikes, and then decided to go by car. Both queues were already snaking out of the entrance to the auditorium. We joined the ticket holders queue at the “No alcohol past this point” sign. By the time we began to move in at 6.30pm, both queues were curved in opposite directions around the nearby buildings.

A couple had already baggsed what had become our favourite spot, so we took the next two seats along, and then went to put our rug down for our picnic. We decided to have our backs against one of the large pine trees, which was more comfortable than sitting on the rug without back support. Within minutes we were surrounded by other picnickers.

It was the strangest picnic I’ve ever had. I mean. When you go for a picnic, you tend to set up your blanket or chairs, hamper, esky etc away from other groups. At the Somerville last night the rugs were overlapping and we were almost shoulder to shoulder. If you wanted to, as well as people watching, you could tune into many conversations around you.The woman I sat next to during the film explained that she had been told by the ticket box that this movie night was sold out. The first time for the season.

The film is a comedy, in French with English subtitles. I sometimes felt that the comedy was derived from the subtleties of the French language, and that perhaps the subtitles did not capture this. Pure speculation on my part, as I don’t speak French, but there was a French woman in front of us, and her laughter sometimes preempted the supposedly funny lines on the bottom of the screen, or were at other times.

David is a shy horn player that has come to Paris to work in an orchestra. He meets a rather excitable Anne, when she observes him putting up a sign in a shop window looking for accommodation. David found himself lead to be persuaded to sharing Anne’s apartment and her bed even though she was attracted by another man (whose name she does not know).

To supplement his part-time work with the orchestra, David provides lessons. He becomes obsessed with one of his students, the withdrawn and taciturn Julia.

David and Anne consult and encourage each other about their various romances, or lack thereof.

The film had the opportunity to be corny at times, but the plot twists and turns, and through innuendo and extremely amusing characters is a feel-good film with lots of laughs.

It was an enjoyable film, with the underlying theme that love is often found right under your nose.

If you are in Australia near the end of March beginning of April, you can see Change of Address as part of the Alliance Française French Film 2007 Festival. And if you are an Australian resident, you can enter a competition to win two tickets to France. Got to be in it to win it.

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