after going to pot

I cleaned the concrete pot with a high pressure water cleaner, then painted two coats, i.e. all 250ml that was in the pot, less a smidge that I used to assist a yellow pot become orange.

See what a difference two coats of a Taubmans 603010 Sample Pot Hi Chroma Red makes?

after painting concrete plant pot

I transplanted my French Sorrel from an unpainted pot, into this one.

I’m pretty chuffed with it, but before I do the next one, I will introduce additional preparation. That is, after cleaning with the high pressure water cleaner, do a coat of sealer and or white acrylic paint so the colour will be brighter.

Blue will be next I think, or perhaps purple.


6 thoughts on “after going to pot

  1. I like the texture too.

    I was thinking of plugging up some of the holes with No More Gaps or Liquid Nails, whatever we had in the shed. But realised that I would lose the texture in sections and could look patchy.

    But it does take a lot more paint, hence Plan B is to use sealer or white acrylic paint, before adding the coats of colour.

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