read and release

2007 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Release Challenge

I haven’t read any books for the last three weeks to release as part of the 2007 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Release Challenge. The themes include; Valentine, A door, and Old cover art (published prior to 1980). I’m sure I would have at least one book for each theme, just been too lazy to go an hunt them out.

Some bookcrossers release books that they obtain especially for the challenge, often without reading them. I find I want to read my books again, before letting them go travelling. Also, I wouldn’t dare get anymore books until we have all the books we do have, up on existing shelves.

The basket next to the bed is not working. I fill that up with magazines and any other books that I think I feel like reading in the near future. The next rummage in the ‘green room’ (library/storage room) will be to move books that I am likely to read and release, to my special BookCrossing shelf.

The theme for this week is ‘body parts’. I’ll move some books to the BookCrossing shelf, and hopefully fill my basket with books with the cover for this week’s theme. Read then release.


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