going dotty

Creating a garden design plan for the front verge took a lot longer than I would have liked. Mind you, I would probably not have done one at all if it was now not a local council requirement for planting a garden instead of maintaining the ‘lawn’.

H helped me to measure the verge, agreed on not including the curves, and decide on the scale. Coloured pencils and graph paper was how I did it before. This time I created it using OpenOffice.org Draw and exported the drawing to an image file. This was not after trying other graphics tools on my computer.

I didn’t want anything fancy. Just an outline of the verge, grid overlay, and some green to indicate planting. Later, I will need to show how we will irrigate the garden to submit the plans to the council.

The verge outline was drawn as lines, not as a polygon. The grid was drawn to indicate the planting density of Agapanthus. Which should have been 60cm, but 50cm spacing was a lot easier to visualise. I then spent an inordinate amount of time looking for clipart for the plants, then ended up just drawing and replicating green solid circles.

verge planting density aligned with path

This first plan lined up the plants with the path. H then suggested that I line up the plants with the road.

verge planting density aligned with road

We both agreed that this was the better plan, as it looks more interesting from the side that we see most of, i.e. away from the road.

Now I know that I need 70 plants. And I have counted the Agapanthus that I am getting ready round the back, and I have 72. More than enough to create a mature garden.

The next step will be to work out how many plants (pink ivy geranium) that I will need to underplant the Agapanthus.


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