a hand signal would be nice

Sorry that I took a few seconds off your best time today. It appears that you were already stopped ready to enter my path. So perhaps looking where you are going instead of chatting with your mate would have meant that you would have seen me riding up to 10m away.

Yes a hand signal would have been nice, but I was already wavering as to which direction I was going on an unfamilar cycle path. Also, two guys in their power lycra is usually a danger signal for me. Yes I do try to get out of your way, but a bit of common courtesy to someone that was obviously not travelling very fast, on a bike that is too heavy to go fast, and looking this way and that – obviously lost. Give me a break.

I’m planning on going in the Freeway Bike Hike “C Group”. That is, the Belmont Racecourse up the freeway (closed to traffic) to Joondalup course (30km) is to be completed in 70 – 85 minutes.

The lycra brigade made venturing out today to check that I can make the 30km for the Freeway Bike Hike did not have an auspicious start. We agreed that H would ride on ahead as my top speed into the head wind was 15km/h. He would ride to Mt Henry Bridge and back, and I would join him, and then he would ride back to the bridge with me.

The fact that I had a diversion over the Canning Bridge and back added a bit more time, so H had to come back a fair way before we caught up.

My regular bike rides are only 8km to uni. I go to my classes, and then peddle the 8km home. So doing the calculated distance of 26km yesterday all in one go was good challenge.The distance was fine, but I will need to get my speed up. I didn’t exactly push myself yesterday, but just wanted to make sure that I could do the approximate distance comfortably.

The only discomfort was a sore bum and arms. This we think is a result of having my tyres pumped up to the recommended (for the tyres) 90psi. For a whole year H has been asking me whether I have pumped up my tyres. Yes, I would impatiently answer. Getting a track pump last weekend showed that I had been travelling around for a whole year on approximately 30psi. No wonder I had a soft ride! But that is much as I could get in with a hand pump, without a guage and feeling the tyres to check that they were hard.

Last weekend my bike had a bit of a birthday, as did I. I got a new bike helmet and my bike got two new tyres and tubes.

I wanted to learn how to change my tyres and tubes so I could do it myself. Mmm, I’m just going to have to accept that I will need help with this task, and any puncture situation en route will be solved with the mobile phone. H admitted that getting the tyres over the rim of my large wheels was tough even for him – but he can do it. There was also this strip of green slimey stuff that you put in between the tyre and the tube that made the whole task somewhat frustrating. Anyway, the bike now has two new tyres and tubes, and clean shiny wheels. And H was incredibly patient enough to let me have a go and do almost one tube and tyre myself.

My brakes don’t make any sound now the rims are smooth. Although, I’m not so sure this is a good thing or a bad thing. I think I’ll get one of those cute bike horns. I didn’t get the more expensive bike helmet – pink instead of grey, but I can get a pink bike horn.

Next practise ride will be shorter, with the idea of getting my legs peddling a bit faster.


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