uni week 01

First semester, first week, and first session of COMM3320 Science Communication Strategies on a Friday afternoon. Sunny Friday afternoons clash with “Bands in the Tav” or Taverna 101 as someone put it today – I wish. Fortunately, it is a seminar room right next door to the Guild. So during the three hour session, we can slip out to get a sugar or caffeine hit.

I had hoped to ride my bike today, first day and all that. But it was raining. Being a fair weather rider, I took the car. Ugh! Parking at uni is a nightmare. Note to self. Check out gear to keep the wet stuff off me going to uni.

Science Communication Strategies started off with a general overview of the unit and assignments. Then we got into the nitty gritty of the types of communication campaigns, and setting objectives and defining messages.

One of the tutorial sessions involved getting into groups and defining the objective(s) and message(s) for a “Stop the Toads” campaign. Kimberley Toadbusters, Stop the Toad Foundation, and CALM are just three organisations that provide information about this pest that now threatens Western Australia. h2g2 even has an entry in its unconventional guide.

During the session I was reminded that a class mate from last year even went up to Kununurra for a toad busting holiday. Even better was his description of going home after talking about the “Stop the Toads” campaign, carrying a cane toad trap on the train. People were naturally curious 🙂

The first assignment is a Case Study Report. We are required to “critically consider effectiveness of a science communication project or activity”. I think once I have chosen a topic I’ll be able to get stuck into it.


3 thoughts on “uni week 01

  1. When I was cycling in from South Perth, I just got wet (or hot and sweaty) on the way in and then showered in the Gym. You can hire lockers for a semester and keep your towel and a change of clothes in them.

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