Dale Barlow instead of Iiro Rantala. Sax instead of piano. I can handle it.

On Monday night we bussed into the Festival Village on Beck’s Verandah at the Perth Concert Hall. We got there for the doors opening as we were not sure of the layout. There were a couple of tables on the edges of the rows of seating, so we grabbed one off to the right, just in front of the sound desk.

I was just beginning to wonder how to fill in the hour before the performance started, when H pointed out who was behind the sound desk. H’s friend G came and sat with us and filled us in on the logistics for the Beck’s Verandah production, and other shows that he was doing. Fascinating stuff, and G gets to play with seriously geeky sound equipment.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the line up, but Dale Barlow was great, as was the pianist, guitarist, drummer, and other saxophonist. Which is a shame, as all are local except Barlow. I particularly liked the songs where there were two saxophones playing together. The double bass was cool, as was the guitar and piano playing. All great jazz.

G came and spoke with us again in the break, which was just enough time to get another drink. Water this time, having finished a bottle of Watershed red.

It got to 11.05pm, and it looked like they were going to finish up, so we made our way to the bus stop which is right outside the concert hall. The last bus home is 11.18pm. Funnily enough, when I checked the bus timetable online, it includes in the schedule several journey plans, one being Shank’s pony:

Number of Legs: 1
Total Walking Distance: 4686 m

Note: The bus that we normally catch has three legs 🙂


2 thoughts on “sax

  1. The local musicians performing with Dale Barlow were:

    Carl Mackey – saxophone
    Graham Woos – piano
    Chris Tarr – drums
    Pete Jeavons – bass

    Glad you liked Dale, he’s a really wonderful musician and a nice bloke to boot.

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