fiercely useful

Lúnasa’s Kevin Crawford introduced a set explaining that he found taking off his left shoe was ‘fiercely useful’ to help him with the 7/8 time signature. To the audience, he said to imagine Michael Flatley (his nibs) going across the stage to Riverdance. None of the sets needed any such introduction and I couldn’t put it better than Mojo Magazine which is quoted as saying:

Lunasa’s musicianship is awesome … I’d sell my soul to be able to play like that

Lúnasa consists of Seán Smyth (fiddle), Kevin Crawford (flute), Trevor Hutchinson (bass), Paul Meehan (guitar), and Cillian Vallely – (uillean pipes, whistles). Last night Seán and Kevin also played various whistles, and the bodhrán.

Last night they played non-stop for 1 1/2 hours at the Festival Village, Beck’s Verandah. The audience was seated, but you could see lots of tapping of feet and swaying to the music. Kevin Crawford introduced most of the tunes and lead many of quips and banter to the enjoyment of the audience. The style was the music of Ireland. Not always traditional, but the roots of contemporary were Irish music. If I had to choose, I would say that I liked very much the bass in a lot of the tunes last night.

After the concert, the crowd was thick around the table to buy their latest book and CDs. I resisted buying CDs at the venue knowing that I can get them from our favourite 78 Records, or direct off the internet. While writing this I was listening to Lúnasa from their web site. They have a big LISTEN button in the top right corner that allows you to stream more than just a sample. The STORE button is right there next to it, and it is ever so tempting.

We met up with a previous work colleague of H’s and his wife. We had not seen him for nearly five years, so in the hour before the performance we caught up with who was where and what were they doing. They chose to sit on the big lounge chairs, which we were going to try out that night, so we joined them. Not a fan of Beck’s, we tried the Watershed Unoaked Chardonnay. It was ok, but nothing special, and certainly not at Beck’s Verandah prices.


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