connecting to the real world

Yay! I’ve just ordered my MAKE Controller Kit; except it may not ship straight away as they have a backlog of orders.

It’s all UCC‘s fault that I have plunged back into fiddling with my own electronics projects 🙂 H has been a UCC member for a couple of years and finally persuaded me to join officially instead of just being a hanger on. Last year being my first time enrolled in a course at UWA I went to O-Day 2006, and I signed up to be a member of UCC.

The clubroom had a copy of Make (from memory Vol 5) that I flicked through while waiting for H. I remember seeing as I am subscribed to a bit of O’Reilly stuff, but putting my hand on the actual paper magazine was like seeing it for the first time. Here was a magazine that showed you how to do stuff. Not just from a hardware point of view, but from a here is something you may want to try, and here is how it works. For someone that always as ‘why’ on the tip of her tongue, I loved it.

I access my subscription online as the post to Western Australia takes ages. But by the time I’ve scanned a few articles I’m usually hanging out for the paper one so I can read it other than at my computer.

While renewing my subscription, I decided to get the Controller Kit – as you do. There are heaps of things to read on the site and in the Make Forum/Community pages.

I think my first application will be a room temperature sensor. There may be some TMP17 lying around here that I’ll be able to procure for my project.


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