O’Day 2007


This morning, I rode my bike to uni for the first time this year. Ostensibly to help the University Computer Club (UCC) with the club stall on James Oval for O-Day. Feeling somewhat superfluous, as there were quite a few members present wearing the ‘official’ T-shirt I wandered off to look around the other club stalls. UCC shirt wearers were much better at encouraging freshers to step up to the stall and sign up. Also, they had much louder voices to garner the attention of the passing throng.

I opted to pay the voluntary Amenities and Services Fee when re-enroling last year, so presented myself at the Guild’s Membership Activation Station to obtain my Guild sticker and diary.

After walking around James Oval and surrounds checking out the clubs and activities, I re-visited the clubs that I wanted to join. In addition to UCC, I joined the Science Union, Bicycle Users Group (BUG), Japanese Studies Society (JAPSSOC), and like last year, I’m automatically a member of the Postgraduate Students’ Association (PSA).

I then walked up to BOCS at the Octagon Theatre with H to see if we could get some good seats to JS Bach’s Goldberg Variations (& Improvisations). Paul Grabowsky is replacing Iiro Rantala who will not be performing due to family illness. We missed out on the Paul Grabowsky Quintet at Beck’s Verandah, so looking forward to seeing him tonight.


3 thoughts on “O’Day 2007

  1. It’s good to know that UCC members will be participating again this year. H went last year and thought it was great fun.

    You can join the UWA team online at the Freeway Bike Hike website (http://www.freewaybikehike.com.au/). Follow the links to “Join a Team” and the team name is UWA. But, you will need to pick up your participation pack from the Bike Hike Office (see website for details).

    There was some mention of shirts, and that UWA Sports would contact you when your shirt was ready to be collected from them. I’m not sure if this is a UWA shirt (free or low cost), or the official Freeway Bike Hike shirt.

    The Freeway Bike Hike is on Sunday 18 March – that’s only three weeks to go!

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