do you know?

Do you know that there is a book titled Did you know?: Fascinating facts from Encyclopaedia Britannica ? I didn’t know either until I went looking for a book for last week’s theme for the BookCrossing 2007 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Release Challenge. The theme was red or pink (cover or letters), picture of a heart, or the word ‘heart’ or ‘Valentine’. I found one book (red cover) that I could read and release in that week – or so I thought.

Published in 1986 by Encyclopaedia Britannica, the book is a teaser to get you to pick up one of the 12 volumes of Micropaedia – which I haven’t got.

Who were the first vegetarians ? What is the future of the universe ? How does soap clean ? How do porpoises play ? Was Ivan so Terrible ? How did circuses begin ? Did Archimedes have a brainwave in the bath ? These are just some of the intriguing questions that are partly answered in the book with a couple of paragraphs. And of course a cross-reference to a particular Micropaedia volume.

I’ve decided to not release the book into the wild, although it will mean it is the first week I have not released at least one book for the 2007 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Release Challenge.

What I thought would be more fun instead would be to follow up the questions posed in the book – on the internet.


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