categories and articles

Herbie has now got shape.

From reading WikiMedia’s Help:Category and RealGrouchy’s guidelines for the Marketing Project Wiki, we now have a simple structure to our internal company wiki. Figuring out what categories and article pages that we need took some time and discussion, but not too difficult as our business processes have had us ticking along for over 15 years.

However, it was a fruitful exercise as it has provided the opportunity to reflect on where we are now, and from where we began. I remember attending SBDC and AusIndustry workshops. Gathering information (collecting paper) everywhere I went to do with product development and starting a business. If I was able to let my fingers do the walking, imagine the time I would have saved if the various organisations had a wiki like

Philip Hogarth in Wiki 101 writes:

It [business wiki] can be deployed in hours rather than weeks, and it can be updated by the entire company (or a selected subset) in minutes, with a minimum of training. Sample proposals, best practices, competitive intelligence, online portals and resources, partnership agreements, and anything else that is of use to new and existing staff, can be linked to or posted, making the business wiki an enterprise’s corporate brain in short order.

But more importantly, Hogarth says; “in time for it to matter”.

Where we are now? We have an internal company wiki. Now to pour in the next 15 years, starting with the next few months that matter.


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