all to enjoy

Garden Sign

This sign was in the Edmonds Factory Garden (Christchurch, New Zealand). We went to this garden as I read that Thomas Edmonds established a garden next to his “Sure To Rise” factory for his employees. While it is now a remnant of its former glory (as described in The Legacy of Thomas Edmonds 4.6 Mb PDF), the Friends of Edmonds Factory Garden have re-created a special place. It just felt good that an employer cared enough about his workers to establish such a wonderful garden.

I took a picture of the sign as at the time I felt that I needed one for my own modest rose garden. The roses are situated on a corner and as well as being bright they have a very strong scent. People ‘pick’ the roses. I don’t have a problem with that per se, except that they usually end up shredding the plant. Also, I have yet to replace the rose plant that was removed in its entirety.

Rose Garden

So a PLEASE DO NOT PICK THE FLOWERS AS THEY ARE FOR ALL TO ENJOY sign is probably in order. But then, those that pick the flowers probably will take the sign. Perhaps I should just provide the secateurs.


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