Sint Maarten


I received an email message from Uncle C today to say that he is in Sint Maarten.

Whenever I receive email from Uncle C I look at our atlas (The Complete World Atlas – for Australia & New Zealand by George Philip). Though this time, I was thinking that Uncle C may have a typo in his hurry to send the next “Polly Update”.

I then looked to Google, as I could not find 170 18 0N 63 5W in the atlas. Yes I admit. My geography is poor. But the atlas was incorrect it was 171 18 0N 63 5W.

Having found Sint Maarten, I will need to respond to say does that mean you are in port Sint Maarten or Saint Martin. And, exactly where?

Uncle C left Fremantle, Western Australia on Friday 7 October 2005. I know this because I released some BookCrossing books with him and Polly, and saw him on the way that morning.


Many adventures and emails since then he has made his way from his first port of call, i.e. Hell-Ville (Andoany), Madagascar.


In Uncle C’s email on leaving Cape Town in January 2006, “We have no plans and we are going to stick to them”. I think this is a good motto.


3 thoughts on “Sint Maarten

  1. Uncle C read my blog and responded:

    “The island of St Martin is the smallest island in the world which divided into two countries. The northern half is a French overseas territory i.e. the French consider that it is a part of France, and the southern half is a Dutch overseas territory called Sint Maarten. The capital here is Philipsburg where i am anchored offshore in the bay.

    I went to Hellville, Madagascar during my first circumnavigation but not during this one. I got a visa for Madagascar before leaving this time, but because i left so late in the year i had to give Madagascar a miss and went direct to Mauritius because the cyclone season in this area was almost upon me. “

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