MediaWiki how-I-did-it

Wow! If you don’t count the prior reading and preparation, installing MediaWiki is really easy – and fast.

I followed MediaWiki’s Running MediaWiki on Debian GNU/Linux instructions as our server is running Debian Etch.

The short notes in my log read:

  • Downloaded, moved and installed mediawiki-1.9.1.tar.gz to /var/www as per Get latest MediaWiki in the instructions.
  • Displayed MediaWiki configuration page by pointing my browser to: http://servername/wiki
  • Accepted all defaults for wiki name “Herbie”, except replaced “Admin username” and disabled email features.
  • Moved LocalSettings.php file to var/www/wiki from configuration directory and deleted the configuration directory.

There was a minor distraction in setting up the wiki. That is, a bit of internet ‘research’ to find the name of the lion in The Herbs. Well, we didn’t end up with Parsley. For some reason that I can’t remember we went with Herbie.

Now for the more onerous task of working out some guidelines of how to work together and create the content 🙂 As you may be aware, there is a plethora of documentation to wade through if you so desire.

RealGrouchy set up some great templates and notes how to navigate, edit and create wiki pages for the Marketing Project Wiki. I’m planning to start there.


4 thoughts on “MediaWiki how-I-did-it

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