are we there yet ?

No, I have a bit more to go.

phpMyArchive appears to have been installed successfully. That is, by following the documentation no discrepancies were noticed and no errors were displayed. Except I can’t show the document repository – ‘phpmyarchive’. I didn’t even change the default name of the database. The only variables I changed were the username and password. And yes, I did remember to change them in include.php,, and

I suspect it has something to do with the directories. Mainly because my eyes begin to glaze over when I try to make sense of what is sometimes referred to as ServerRoot, webserver root directory, and server root directory. A DocumentRoot appears now and again too.

I’ve seen the Apache It works! and the nicely formatted information.php from installing and configuring Apache and PHP, but something does not quite feel right when I nosey around the directories and follow the symbolic links.

I think I’ll leave this for now and install MediaWiki and see if that works on my new LAMP server. Perhaps figuring out directories and such for MediaWiki will help me with phpMyArchive.

Later, I will definitely persevere with phpMyArchive. We have found lots of things we might be able to begin to throw out knowing there is a digital copy in a document repository. For example, book keeping records from starting our company over 15 years ago. Some how it is still hard to discard records of purchasing our first office furniture and equipment.


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