on the verge before

This is how the front verge appears now. I will declare it the ‘before’ picture.

front verge 11 February 2007

In the months leading up to this picture there was more couch grass, no yellow sand, and no stakes and pink ribbon.

Our neighbour ‘kindly’ dumped their left-over brickies sand thinking that it would help us to grow the couch grass. Never mind the whole time that they have been living next door we have never had a lawn. It has either been a herb garden or a neglected herb garden.

The stakes and ribbon were put up prior to the Red Bull Air Race. Having prior experience with the Australia Day fireworks on the Swan River foreshore, i.e. visitors that wish to park don’t have the same respect for your house and garden as your neighbours. Well, some neighbours.

There is less couch grass as we have already poisoned it three times already. It is currently too hot or windy to spray so we are making sure it thrives for the next dose.

In the autumn we hope to establish a new garden. I am currently growing the plants around the back ready for transplanting.

A Back Garden

We will fill the front verge with these Agapanthus, Geranium (pink trailing), and if we are allowed, Frangipani trees.


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