January reads

This month, most of my reading was guided by the BookCrossing 2007 Never Judge a Book By Its Cover Release Challenge.


2 thoughts on “January reads

  1. I quickly scanned the comments I left on the BookCrossing site for each of the books. Other than giving them a star rating, I haven’t said “… you must read this book …” on any of them.

    On reflection, I have to say Blackberry Wine I especially enjoyed this time around. I had this sense of the “Specials” (special bottles of wine) talking to each other much the same way I imagined my toys talking to each other when I was asleep. Except this is much more an adult story.

    I like a bit of magic and it is cleverly woven into a real life story. Life is often muddled, there are bad and good bits, and it always works out in the end but not as tidily as a lot of film producers would have us believe. The books also doesn’t so much as end, but stops.

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