LAMP server how-I-did-it

I decided that we needed a wiki for internal documentation and a document repository. After much to’ing and fro’ing, I decided on MediaWiki and phpMyArchive.

First things first, we needed a server. H found some hardware lying around (as you do) and put together a computer on our network. I would have preferred one of the B2B2C Wizard boxes (they were lying around too), just because they would look really neat all stacked up, but the server is essentially a laptop with its broken display removed. Oh well, it’s in another room and I won’t have too look at it.

H installed Debian Etch on the server-wannabe because I said that I can already play with Debian Sarge. This was not without problems but I’ll save these for another day. Suffice to say the magic new installer did not go as planned because we were installing from a Debian mirror on our network.

MediaWiki and phpMyArchive required a working LAMP server. So I followed Davidlohr Bueso’s Setting Up a Server, MediaWiki’s Running MediaWiki on Debian GNU/Linux, and frequent consultation in my own copy of Carla Schroder’s Linux Cookbook.

Creating our LAMP server was just too easy. Thanks to the excellent documentation, the only hiccup I forsee is remembering all the additional passwords. I decided to leave installing MediaWiki and phpMyArchive until another day. We have a running LAMP server – YAY!


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